Collective Soul – Shine Acoustic tab

This really only sounds good on a 12-string acoustic... you get a much
fuller sound out of it.
This is an acoustic version of "Shine" from Collective Soul's 'Hints,
Allegations and Things Left Unsaid'.
Pretty simple, really, but sounds great.
Tabbed by Kyle Voiles 7/25/02.
Email at


Dsus2 (hammer on to) D and repeat 4 times
G (Play with your fifth string open and hammer on to it.. sounds better)

This is also the verse.
Right before the part with the "Yeah!....Yeah!" end with G like
normal and then do this (twice):

And then the chorus (starting at "Whoah! Heaven let your...") is: C G (hammer on fifth string again) D and then when it goes high on the normal album do this instead, slide from D to whatever chord this is (so the transition will go):
That's about it... the solo is pretty good from the other version, so I'd just use that, but this is an excellent-sounding acoustic version that's sure to get the girls! Easy to play and sounds great. Any questions or comments, email me at -- Kyle
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