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Date: 	Sat, 13 Jan 1996 18:31:23 -0500
Subject: TAB: In A Moment - Collective Soul

In A Moment - Collective Soul
from Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid
Transcribed by Duncan Koerber 

Standard tuning.


INTRO/FIRST RIFF|--------------------10---------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------| |11h12p11-----------------11h12p11--------11h12p11------||---------14-12--12----------------14-12----------------||-------------------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------------------|
SECOND RIFF|------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------||------------------------------------------------------------||---------12---------------12------------12---------------14-||12/14-14-10-12---12/14-14-10---12/14-14-10-12---12/14-14-12-||10/12-12----10---10/12-12------10/12-12----10---10/12-12----|
D G the walls came up as the thoughts went down to the hush of disparity sure we know the problem lies with some insecurites E G D G but we'll never see eye to eye as long as our tongues are tied and we'll never be seen as one until we find love D G in a moment it could happen, we could wake up and be laughing in a moment it could happen, we could forgive and be happy it's a shame our world responds to life as a puzzle in disguise i wish our course would lead us towards the peace and loving kind but we'll never walk hand in hand until we let old wounds mend and we'll never sing songs as one until we find love G D A D G in a moment some wisdom could be learned in a moment new voices could be heard in a moment we could make heads turn G B E D in a moment we could change
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