Collective Soul – Wasting Time tab

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Date: Tue, 23 Jan 1996 16:10:36 -0500
From: Pilgrim 
Subject: Wasting Time TAB

Collective Soul
Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid
Wasting Time

Transcribed by Khanh Tran

	Ok, the first verse has only a guitar fill in it.  You need an organ or
keyboard to
play the backing chords.

G F#5 E C G

[Verse 1]
F#5			Em	C	    G
Something's going wrong inside of you
F#5		    Em	 C	   G
Burdens bearing down and seeping through

Play the second half of the verse with this guitar fill.[Guitar Fill 1]-----3----------3----------3----------3---------------------3----------3----------3----------3---------------0-----0----0-----0----0-----0----0-----0-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3-------------------3----------2----------0-----------------------------Well, I don't want to bleed anymore for youAnd I don't want to breathe any hatred too
[violin interlude] (arranged for guitar)-7--8p7-7--8p7-7-8p7---5-8p7-8p7-7-8p7-7-8p7------------------------------8-----------------------8------------------------------------------------------9-7------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[Verse 2] (played same way as verse 1) Watching while your world just floats around Now you want to move 'cause it's crashing down [Verse 2] (played with fill 1) Well, I don't want to sing you guarantees And I don't want to cling to our use to be's [Bridge] (rhythm guitar comes in) G C D So take your heart, just take your soul C Just get yourself on out of here G C D Just, take your hate, take your pain C D Just get yourself on out of here [Chorus] G C D Wasting time C That's all you'll do if you're waiting for me G C D Wasting time C I don't see what you think I see G C D Wasting time C Thats all you'll do if you're waiting for me G C D Wasting time C I don't want what you think I need
[solo]sorry guys, can't do this one either, but here is something to start you offwith it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------9---9-7-7--------7h9--------------------------------------5-5h7-----5----4-5-7--7-5-----------------------------------5--------------------------------------------------------------------sorry, wish I could do the rest.
[Chorus] [solo 2] once agian, I have trouble with this solo too. Here is somwthing to start you off with though... ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------
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