Color Me Badd - All 4 Love tab

Song- All 4 Love
Artist- Color Me Badd
Standard Tuning

Such a catchy song, and fun to play
There's not much to it really, but I'm
just gonna give you a starting point.
You can improvise to your liking

Intro riff: 3x--------------------------/---10-10---10-----|-----------7--5-----------/----8--8----7-----|--------7--------7--4-----/----7--7----7-----|--4--7-----------------7--/----7--7----7-----|--------------------------/------------------|--------------------------/------------------|
The Rest of the tune bases off of this progression Feel free to do your own rhythm when playing the chords
that progression is played throughout the verses and the chorus then during the section when the dude is talking there's a key change from D to D#. So just take the progression and move it up a fret That's pretty much the tune I wish there was more to it, but it leaves plenty of room for improvisation. Either way, just have fun with it.
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