Colton Dixon – You Are chords ver. 4

                             "You Are" - Colton Dixon
Tabbed by: Jared Martin

Key: D (Studio) C (Live)

** I wrote this in C because it's easier to change 
keys with a capo if needed... To play in the original 
key like the album, capo the 2nd fret and play these chords.**

     Cmaj7                                        G/B

e|---0-----| e|---0-----| e|---x-----|b|---0-----| b|---3-----| b|---x-----|g|---0-----| g|---0-----| g|---4-----| d|---2-----| d|---0-----| d|---5-----| a|---3-----| a|---2-----| a|---2-----|e|---x-----| e|---x-----| e|---x-----| *OR*
C Cmaj7When I can't find the words to say how much it hurts
C Cmaj7You are the healing in my heart
C Cmaj7When all that I can see are broken memories
C Cmaj7You are the light that's in the dark
F Am GYou are the song You are the song I'm singing
F Am GYou are the air You are the air I breathe in
F Am G F Am GYou are the hope You are the hope I'm needing....... Woah
C FIf I had no voice if I had no tongue
Am GI would dance for you like the rising sun
C FAnd when that day comes and I see your face
Am G I will shout your endless glorious praise
Am FYou are the song
C G/B You are the air
Am FYou are the hope
C GI'm singing woah
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