Commodores – Sail On chords

Sail On
The Commodores/Ritchie
Transcribed Ed Yaekle
I found several versions of this, none quite right (though close). It's capo'ed on 
the 6th for simplicity (no weird or bar chords). Sounds good on an accoustic this way, too. Enjoy!

Capo 6 fret

GSail on down the line
AmAbout half a mile or so
Am G (I)Don't really wanna know where you're going
GMaybe once or twice
AmTime after time I tried
AmTo hold on to what we got
G But now you're going
C D G Em C And I don't mind about the things you're gonna say lord
C D G Em I gave all my money and my time
C DI know it's a shame
G Em C D C But I'm giving you back your name yeah yeah
C G Am Yes, I'll be on my way
C G AmI won't be back to stay
C G Am I guess I'll move along
G D GI'm looking for a good time.........
GSail on down the line
AmFunny how the time can go
Am GFriends says they told me so but it doesn't matter
GIt was plain to see
AmThat a small town boy like me
AmJust wasn't your cup of tea
GI was wishful thinking
C D G Em CI gave you my heart and I tried to make you happy
C D G Em CAnd you gave me nothing in return
C DYou know it ain't so hard to say
G Em C D C Would you please just go away yeah yeah
C G AmI've thrown away the blues
C G AmI'm tired of being used
C G AmI want everyone to know
G DI'm looking for a good time
G C D Good time....
C B Sail on honey
C B Am7 Good times never felt so good
C B Sail on honey
C B Am7 Good times never felt so good
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