Common Enemy - Dead Alive tab

			     Dead Alive - Common Enemy
Tabbed by: Omar Garcia

Tuning: Standar

pm = Palm Mute

Listen to the song to get the rhythm

x4 x4e|-------------|-------------------|B|-------------|-------------------|G|-------5-7-5-|-------------------|D|-77777-5-7-5-|-77777--1010101010-| x2A|-77777-3-5-3-|-55555---8-8-8-8-8-|E|-55555-------|-------------------|
Dead Alive! Rat monkey bit into her arm, now she’s dead but she’s not gone they put her in the cemetery, thought she was dead and buried now they’re dead, dead alive, you can't stop them, but you can try now they’re dead, dead alive, they’ll just kill and multiply Lionel’s mom ate Paquita’s dog, dead and rotting still alive she got the nurse and then the priest, now she needs more flesh to feast now they’re dead, dead alive, you can’t stop them but u can try now they’re dead, dead alive, they’ll just kill and multiply
x4e|---------------|-------------------|B|---------------|-------------------|G|-------5-7-5---|-------------------|D|-77777-5-7-5-7-|-77777--1010101010-|A|-77777-3-5-3-7-|-55555---8-8-8-8-8-|E|-55555-------5-|-------------------|pm .....
Surrounded by zombies, straps the mower on, guts and limbs are everywhere, blood splats on the wall, cuts them up one by one, he wont stop until he’s done
x2 x4e|---------------|-------------------|B|---------------|-------------------|G|-------5-7-5---|-------------------|D|-77777-5-7-5-7-|-77777--1010101010-|A|-77777-3-5-3-7-|-55555---8-8-8-8-8-|E|-55555-------5-|-------------------|pm .....
Won't stop until he’s done won't stop until he’s done Dead alive! Dead alive! Dead alive! Dead alive!
They’re all fucking dead! They’re all fucking dead! ===============================================================================
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