Common Rider - Classics Of Love tab version 2

Band: Common Rider
Song: Classics Of Love
Album: Last Wave Rockers (1999)
Tuning: Standart E A D G B E

That's a really great song of Common Rider...
Jesse Michaels sings here fast as hell and the song mainly just need 2 regular
chords for the verse and three powerchords for the chorus.. that's everything!

Verse / Prechorus - For the verse we need a classic ska-rhythm... Ya' know what that means: the muted death notes (x) are played downstroke and all the other chords are just played upstrokes... that's it!
| Verse | Prechoruse|--x-7--x-7---x-9--x-9---|---7--7--7--7-77--|B|--x-7--x-7---x-9--x-9---|---7--7--7--7-77--|G|--x-8--x-8---x-10-x-10--|---8--8--8--8-88--|D|--x-9--x-9---x-11-x-11--|---9--9--9--9-99--|A|--x-9--x-9---x-11-x-11--|---9--9--9--9-99--|E|--x-7--x-7---x-9--x-9---|---7--7--7--7-77--|
Chorus - Just basically these three Powerchords... Played in this order two times afterwards in the Chorus!
Interlude - The interlude may be a bit tricky cause of the ska-rhythm, but you just need some practice with that ska-rhythm and you'll get it!
In the background you can hear a distorted second guitar...Just hit the 8th fret, bend it and let it fade away, and at the endyou play that softly little solo, so you just play this: | | at the ende|-------------------|-----------------------|B|-------------------|-----------------------|G|--8^~~~----8^~~~---|---8-10--8-10-10/12~~--|D|-------------------|-----------------------|A|-------------------|-----------------------|E|-------------------|-----------------------|
Outro - Play the chord the first time downstroke and the second time upstroke... | downstroke upstrokee|-----------7~----------------7~~-----------|B|-----------7~----------------7~~-----------|G|-----------8~----------------8~~-----------|D|-----------9~----------------9~~-----------|A|-----------9~----------------9~~-----------|E|-----------7~----------------7~~-----------|
Order: 12xVerse - 2xChorus - 8xVerse - 2x-Chorus - 4xInterlude - 4xVerse - 4xChorus - Outro Kay... so the first 4 verses at the beginning are played with an acoustic guitar - after it you can kick in with the distorted electric guitar. So at the beginng you play 4 verses with the acoustic and the 8 afterwards with an electirc. At the second verse you just have to play the 8 verses with electric guitar.... After the interlude you just play the last verses 4 times... The last chorus is played two times and after it you just softly play the last chord down- and upstroken and let the sound fade... If you have any questions or just wanna talk about how awesome Jesse Michaels is just send me a mail: My Name Is Joko -
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