Common Rotation - With My Trumpet In My Hand chords

Capo 2


CLord deliver me
Reconsider me
F CLord make up your mind
CLord I'm looking good, how I'm feeling good
GLord who's a good guy?
CLord I Bask in thee, what you ask of me
F CLord I do it all the time
C G CLet me die with my trumpet in my hand
CLord this tyranny
Oh what's left of me
F CLord the men of the hour
CLord the sinners we formed a ministry
GLord It's the surest game of town
CLord you steady me call it blasphemy
F CLord it's the only way I've found
C G CLet me die with my trumpet in my hand
F CLord you're Tearing us apart try and hide another heart
F CIs the curse that is frozen to me
F CYou raised us in the middle
Am Lord you gave, I took a little
FIt's so easily done
E7Lord can't you see we've won?
CLord china there
Oh the silverware
F CLord the way we should dine
CLord is it a sign when you show me yours
GThen I'll show you mine
CLord you set it up, Lord you knock it down
F CLord I'll gladly do the time
C G CLet me die with my trumpet in my hand
AmI can't live on your credit
CIt took so long to admit it
GLord your no second place prize
CLord you ready me, get ahead of me
F CLord won't you take my hand
CLord your supposed to be oh so close to me
GLord how much can you stand?
CLord you worry me
From what I can see
F CIf you won't play with the band
C G CJust let me die with my trumpet in my hand
C G CBorn again let me be please lord again
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