Communist Daughter – Not The Kid chords

Intro: Hammeron to F# (breaths)

F# F#When we were younger we had nothing to do
F# Bbso we'd close our eyes and spin around in circles
Eb minhappy to hit the ground
Bor happy to just fall down
When we were younger we'd go down to the park we'd catch all the fireflies we'd put 'em in jars we never knew that they'd die we never really thought that far Chorus X1
F# BI'm not the kid you knew
F# Bim not the kid you remember
When we were younger we were scared of the dark so we closed our eyes we pulled the sheets over our heads we didn't want to see what's there like the shadows under the bed And now that I'm older I look back on those days I wish I had them back cuz the shadows are gone or at least they're not that strong as the shadows in my head Chorus X2 Bridge:
Eb min F# C# BIn 1985 there was a picture taken with my name on it
B Eb minclimbin' an apple tree with blue shoes
C# BYou'd think it was me I could swear it was you
Chorus X4
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