Compulsion - Domestique tab

From: (James Thomas)
Subject: TAB: compulsion "domestique"

here you go then, my first tab.
any comments etc. highly welcome.
any more compulsion tab would be great.

"domestique" - compulsion


with two down-strums on the EAD strings and one up-strum on all strings (3) the same as (2) but thrashing all strings (4)
(5) this bit when the guitarist sings "oooooohh..oooooh"
then the song is built up out of these segments like this (1) x4 (2) x2 | (3) x2 } all of this x2 (4) x2 | (4) x2
---11-- for a couple of bars---10-----9------9---
[bass only] (2) x2 (3) x2 (4) x4 (1) x1 (5) x5 (while giving it "oooohh oooooh") (2) x2 (3) x2 (4) to end -------------------------- james. send any corrections to me:
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