Concrete Blonde – Jenny I Read2 tab

From: (Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO)

Someone requested this. Im posting this rather than mailing it
in hope that someone will take it home and figure out bits
I couldnt, like the chords through the chorus:

Jenny I Read     - By Concrete Blonde

off the album Mexican Moon

Riff A:E||-----------------------||B||-----------------------||G||o---5---------5-------o||D||o-5---5-6-------6-----o||A||-----------------------||E||-----------------------||
Riff B:E|----------------------|----------------------|B|----------------------|----------------------|G|---3---5-------3------|---1---3-------1------|D|-3---3-------3--------|-1---1-------1--------|A|----------------------|----------------------|E|----------------------|----------------------|
Riff A and Riff B repeat through most of the song, but then you have a fair bit of distorted guitar. Other parts? I'm not too sure about them but I play mostly variations on the two riffs. eg
Riff C:E||-----------------------||B||-----------------------||G||o-5--------5----------o||D||o-5--------6----------o||A||-----------------------||E||-----------------------|| | ) | ) |/ |/
those things under the bar are a poor effort at trying to say push down on the tremolo bar as you strike the notes and then release I don't know what Jim actually plays, theres a lot of distortion and wah floating around but it sounds ok. The thing I like most about this song is the lyrics, so here is my crack at them: Jenny I read, something you said about rock and roll and life and death Jenny I read they carred you home, broken, beaten, all alone Oh, Jenny you said, Jenny you thought, give them all that they want, everything that you got. Oh, but Jenny, here it's a wicked city when you're young, stupid and pretty. And all the angry young boys, (and all the angry young girls) \ They're making angry loud noises (????????) / X2 "Jenny" they cried. "Jenny" they screamed. Your picture in every magazine. Yeah, you wanted it all but the American dream was nothing to write home about. She was the next big thing, and the telephone was ringing, all the times you were wined and dined every night. Then one day it was over and where are you now, I wonder. And all the angry young boys....... solo: Superstar, thats what you are And all the angry young boys....... Behind there fingers,eyes aside, in shocked winking whispers they say "Its her, it is her, what happened to her?" She knows this and she smiles for she has the miles and the memories all to herself. Everything in between then and now, and all her ???? and everything inbetween now and then. And all they have are pictures, pictures.. ciao for now eric p.s. Why dont you her me is just Em, D and C (or was it Em C and D?) Any way Ill post again next week when I have a bit more time
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