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SONG FOR KIM   by Concrete Blonde

Transcribed by [Enrico_Giuseppe BETTIO] (thats me! :-)

Riff through verses:

Oh Kim, your diary said- The voices calling you from the edge. They finally called you..Away- You know I hear them too, they're telling me to stay. Oh Kim, remember when we had a million plans and we believed them. Angry words, ring in my head I'd give every song I got in me to get you back again. chorus: C Bb She said, I could Dm She said hold on, hold out C cause its good. Bb Bb She said, it's right Dm She said hold on, hold out C cause I know that you can fight I know you can. You're right again There is an easy way out of this world. I'm staying. I wonder why? It may be all I have, but its mine, its mine. chorus solo chorus In the chorus, the Dm and C are played like this:
Dm CE|----1------1-0-----------0------|B|---3------3----3-1----3----1----|G|--2------2-----------0----------|D|-0------0-----------2-----------|A|-------------------3------------|E|--------------------------------|
the C is played a little differently the second time around. Solo: pretty easy: h hammer-on p pull-off / slide up to \ slide down to
happy playing eric
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