Confide – This I Believe chords ver. 2

This is song is very easy to play since it's only three chords!!!!!
These are the chords for you people who wish to play on standard E: A#add9 OR Bbadd9, 
Dmin7, F5. And this is how you play it under Drop C

Chord Displayd----------------------------------------|a----------------------------------------|f---7-------7-----7----------------------|c---5-------5-----5----------------------|g---3-------2-----5----------------------|C-----------2-----5----------------------|
A#add9 Dmin7 F5 Bbadd9 I'm lazy but this is how it starts, it's the same strumming. It's start with A#add9 Dmin7 F5 and repeat
A#add9 Dmin7 F5 A#maj9 I will never turn, I will never look away
Father, show me your face Praise thee, come as you are To hear your voice Can you guide me all the way, until I'm home safe with you I believe that we can make it Just settle down, settle down
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