Connors Tom – The Moon-man Newfie tab

Date: Sun, 15 Oct 1995 01:20:12 +0000
From: Dennis Hiebert 

The Moon-Man Newfie
Stompin' Tom Connors

[D]You might think it's [G]goofy
But the [A7]man in the moon is a [D]Newfie
And he's sailing on to [G]glory, a[A7]way in the golden [D]dory
He's sailing on to [G]glory, a[A7]way in the golden [D]dory

Codfish Dan, from Newfoundland
He [A]dreamt that he had three [D]wishes
And he took Mars and all the stars
And [A]turned them into big [D]fishes
He said the sky was much too dry
And he [A]made a wavy [D]motion
And the moon like a boat began to float
Up[A]on the starry [D]ocean


One night he strayed to the Milky Way
To [A]cast his nets up[D]on it
He spied the tail of a great big whale
And he [A]harpooned Halley's [D]Comet
He never had a pot for the fish that he caught
So he [A]had to use the Big [D]Dipper
And the sun, by jove, was a very good stove
For [A]cooking up smelts and [D]kippers


Now, the Northern Light that seem so bright
Like [A]nothing could be [D]grander
Well, they're just waves of the moon-boat made
By the [A]Newfoundland com[D]mander
And don't you sigh and say, "Oh, my
What [A]gross exagger[D]ation!"
'Cause he'll tell you the dream was true
When [A]Codfish Dan a[D]wakens.


Submitted by:  Dennis Hiebert

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