Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band – I Gotta Reason Part 2 tab

Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band – I Gotta Reason, Pt II.

From the album 'Outer South' due out 5th of May 2009.

Ok, I found these chords on the Compare&Contrast messageboard [Thanks to whoever worked
out; added the verse & Chorus lyrics; also, there's a fill from the live version you can
at the end on every Am, just pick the chord descending, pulling off the string-to open- 
time; listen for it on the live version; that's pretty much it. B5 seems pretty
with Bm; might be something wrong with D5 as well; see what you think.

intro- G, Am [hammer on D to E then pull off the C to B]

G                                         Am
you know a lot can happen after everybody falls asleep
G                                         Am
ask the forest fire, ask the cop walking on the beat
C                                         G
and do right by them, work a little in your dreams
Cm                                        D
don't let time rob you, hold onto your memories

G                                              Am
in the glass houses, in the pages of the rolling stone
G                                              Am
I get a sick feeling, like I’m rocking in a little boat
C                                               G
hear the big church bell, it's ringing like a mobile phone
Cm                                             D
such a long Sunday drive, and I’m taking it all alone

(Pre &) CHORUS

B5                      C5            D5
I wanna belong to a reason
B5                 C5                    G
and cut a new key to the kingdom
D                                      C
and if anybody asks me, say I wanna belong
D                                      C
if anybody asks me, say that it won't take long
D                                      C
if anybody asks me, say I’m gonna get this done
D                                      C
if anybody asks me, say I got a reason

G                                                   Am
In a vast hard-drive, in the satellites that kick and spin
G                                                    Am
They keep the old footage, so everything can live again
C                                           G
Pretty pink roses, the ostrich and the elephant
Cm                                           D
It’s the last Noah’s ark, so everything’s gotta fit.

G                                                   Am
In the creased pages, of a letter I’ve been trying to send
G                                                   Am
To a young widow, how is desperate for some kind of friend
C                                             G
You’ll find a long list of, eligible handsome men
Cm                                            D
Who want to lay with her, up on the {table of the elements}

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