Conor Oberst And The Mystic Valley Band – Common Knowledge chords ver. 2

This is a new song that's only been performed live. I made this tab by watching 
Conor play it live in St. Paul MN. 

After the last G in each verse he runs up the scale like this -

(from low E string to the A string) 

G, A, B, C, D, E, F, G-------------------------
On the D minor in the intro, there's a pull off from the G on the high E string to a normal d minor. Watch a video of him playing it if you don't understand what that means. Intro: C, Dm (+pull off)X2
C C/BHe's my friend but he's no friend to me
C C/B Ask him why, he'll tell you casually
F Washed up, bitter, broken, busted
GBack stabbed everyone he trusted
C C/B F Says he sees what no one else can see
GAnd if I had half his guts I'd want it
FTo chase that fatalistic comet
C C/B FDie young in the dark; that's poetry
Dm G (run up the scale) But it was not for me, it was not for me He's always sad but I've never seen him cry When he comes to, sure he'll apologize Find his car, assess the damage Still drunk but he likes the challenge Hold on to his mind just like a kite But a good strong win can keep you honest Fill you with some common knowledge Things when we were young we never tried Just figured we had time with such a long life Money clips, alligator shoes One more dance, he's in that champagne room She moves like a chocolate fountain Pouring, spilling all around him Makes him wonder what else she can do How bittersweet is love's illusion Feelings that cannot be proven Trust me, you'll see, my aim is true I've done this all for you, I've suffered long for you So many times he's tried to play it straight Worked and worked until his body ached But a brand new life can lose its luster The troubled tend to find each other Call it luck or you can call it fate But either way it's how it happens Not the way that you imagined Or go out with a bang like Hemingway Some will say you're brave Some will say you ain't Hope it helps :) Adam
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