Control Machete – De Amores Perros tab

Finally i think i gat this radical song, but i still need help in some parts so
if anyone is interested email me to, and dam i havent seen
one tab of this song, dont u people know this rules.....oh well here it goes.

This part as many times as needed.e----------------------------------------------------------------B-----------------------1-------------------------1--------------G-----0-----------0-------3-----0-----3-----2-------3------------\ D-------0---3-------0-------------0-----0-----0------------------ [x?]A-------------x--------------------------------------------------/E---3-----3-----3-----3-------3-----3-----3-----3----------------
Now this is when the chick starts singing.
e---------------------------------B---------------------------------G-----0-----------0-0-------------\D-------0---3-----------3--------- [x?] not many times tho.A-------------x-----------x-------/E---3-----3-----3-----3-----------
This is also when the chick sing, oh This part is where a piano and this is the part where i have the or a keyboard plays while the guy problem, but this doesnt sound so bad. sings. Meaby here u could use only the rock Chords, u translate it its not hard. (Chord)
e---x---x---x---0---x e--------------------------B---0---3---x---1---3 B---8--8---10---10---------G---0---2---3---0---2\ G--------------------------D---0---0---3---2---0 [x?] D--------------------------A---x---0---1---3---0/ A--------------------------E---3---x---x---x---x E--------------------------
Then this part right when the piano stops playing. (Guitar now)e-----------------------------------------------B-------3-5-3-----3-5-3-------2-3-------2-3-----G-----4---------4---------4-4-------4-4---------\D---5---------5---------4---------4------------- [x?]A-----------------------------------------------/E-----------------------------------------------
Now in the end is the chick singing again u know what to play now. (chords) til the song ends. This is the whole song, there i hope its right and u enjoy it. If u havent watched the movie yet (Amores Perros) u shall hurry its super awesome...and crazy!!! Thanks Gabo
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