Converge - In Her Shadow tab

I have been trying to figure out the chords in this song ever since this album 
came out and oddly enough I was playing a Mastodon song and it sounded similar and 
this is what came of that....

Tuning: DGCFAD

Intro (I'm not tabbing the strumming, listen to the song for that as it changes a 
little throughout the song)

|-7--7-| |-0--0-||-7--7-| |-0--0-||-7--7-| |-4--4-||-9--9-| x? then |-3--2-||-9--9-| |-4--3-||-0--7-| |------|
Does this through the WHOLE song and in some parts the electric guitar does this little number
That's it, hope you likes it
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