Converge - Black Cloud tab

Tabbed by TomG.

CONVERGE - BLACK CLOUD from YOU FAIL ME------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|
in drop C bu = bend up ^ = pinch harmonic *crazy drum fill* then main riff:
d----------------------------------------- ||a----------------------------------------- o||f--------------------------------------8-- ||c--0--1--0-1--0--1--0-1--0--1--0-1--0--7-- ||g--0--1--0-1--0--1--0-1--0--1--0-1--0--6-- o||c--0--1--0-1--0--1--0-1--0--1--0-1--0----- ||
second riff:
d----------------------------------------------- ||a----------------------------------------------- o||f------------------------------------------7bu-- ||c--7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6--7bu-- ||g--7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6------- o||c--7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6-7--6-7-5-6------- ||
inbetween bit for second riff:
d----------------- ||a----------------- ||f----------------- o||c-7-6----7-6-5---- ||g-7-6----7-6-5---- o||c-7-6----7-6-5---- ||
ending riff:
d---------------------------------------------------- ||a---------------------------------------------------- o||f-----8-8-------8-8-------------8-8---11-11---14-14-- ||c-0---7-7---0---7-7---------0---7-7---10-10---13-13-- ||g-0---6-6---0---6-6---------0---6-6----9--9---12-12-- o||c-0---------0--------6^bu---0------------------------ ||
Kurt plays a sort of falling scaelic figure around the last chord at the very end of the but i couldnt work out the notes [it dies away very quickly]. Not a very complicated song, those are all the riffs. You can work out the exact yourself, im not you're f***ing mother. TomG
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