Converge - Hope Street tab

Song: Hope Street
Artist: Converge
Album: You Fail Me
Year: 2005
Tabbed by: jasonkan (

Verse: Rharharharhaaaaa...E|--------------------|| B|--------------------||G|-8-8-8-8-7----------|| D|-x-x-x-x-x--6-6-5---||A|-6-6-6-6-6--4-4-3---||D|--------------------|| X4
Chorus: [if u can call it that]Rha...rha..rha…E|--------|| B|--------||G|--------|| D|--4~----|| A|--2~----||D|--------|| x4 Then
E|----------B|----------G|---------- D|-x-x-x-x--A|-x-x-x-x--D|-x-x-x-x--
Back to Verse + Chorus
Outro: rha...rha..rha..rhaa!E|---------------------------|| B|---------------------------||G|---------------------------|| D|---------------0-0-0-0-----|| A|-2h5p2---------0-0-0-0-----||D|-------5-4-----0-0-0-0-----|| . . . .
Yeahhh dudes, converge rock, yeah dudes ~ rock on Tabbed by Jason kan Email/add me on about suggestions and comments. Check Out Every Time I Die – The New Black.
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