Conway Twitty - Is A Bluebird Blue chords

Is A Bluebird Blue:Conway Twitty.
#35 in 1960. Album - 20 Rock N' Roll
High School Rarities - Vol. 1.

FWell, me and my girl went out the other night,
down Lover's Lane we were walkin'. She said, 'Aw honey child, do you love me?'
F7 FRight away I started talkin'..
Bb F'Is a blue bird blue?..has a cat got a tail?
C BbMmmm, if a blue bird's blue, well, then, honey,
F CIIIII love you'..
FWell, I held her close and kissed her..
then I looked in those big green eyes. She said, "I hear, boy, that you love me!
F7 FI said, 'I wouldn't be at all surprised.
Bb FIs a blue bird blue?..can a big wheel roll?
C BbMmmm, if a blue bird's blue, then honey,
F CI love you.'
FWell, she finally believed my story..said, 'Baby,
I understand. Well, now Im gonna be your little lovin' girl,
F7 Fand you'll be my big lovin' man.
Bb FIs a blue bird blue?..ahh, has a bear got hair?
C Bb F CMmmm, if a blue bird's blue, well, honey, I love you.'
FAhhh, is a blue bird blue, baby?
Ah, tell me honey, has a bear got hair? Oooh, can a big wheel roll?..(Fade.) A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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