Cooper Alice – Im Eighteen tab

From: James T. Morris 

                              I'M EIGHTEEN    
                               ALICE COOPER 

Main Riff E5 C D5 E-|------------------------------|------------------------------|B-|------------------------------|----------------------------3-|G-|------------------------------|----------0------------2------|D-|--2-----2---------------------|------2-----------0-----------|A-|--2-----2------------------0--|-3----------------------------|E-|--0-----0-----0---0--2---3----|-------------------------------|
E5 C D5 Lines form on my face and hands E5 C D5 Lines form from the ups and downs C D I'm in the middle with out any plans E5 C D I'm a boy and I'm a man I'm E5 C D eighteen and I don't know what I want E5 C D eighteen and I got to get a way A5 B5 C5 I've got to get out of this place I'll go running in D5 outer space
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