Coparck – A Dog And Pony Show chords

By Coparck -
Tabbed by NiteSpeed

This isn't 100% correct, but there aren't a lot of tabs of Coparck so here goes. 
Feel free to comment or update this version!

Based on live perfomance:

Cm A# G# Glook at what is left
Cm A# G# Gof all our hopes of
Cmdusting turn and crossing the rubicon
now theres to turning back
F G duck and cover your tracks
putting the f in right
Fm D# D C#mThe decline and fall of the american empire, fear and balanced, sweating bank
Cm G Cmone will show me do we still have the time?
Cm A# Cm (let ring) Bm Cm one revolution soda a dog and pony show and my archer life
Cm G CM x2 (fast switch)
N.C. Cm Bmthe monkey trap we left
Cmtrapped ourselves in it all we knew
Cm Gwe were freed into fools and loved to believe in it
Fm D# D C#and you know just follow the money follow the blood back see the bare market fall
Fm D# D C#selling the moonlight seeing the crack up boom the reap and so and so
Fm D# D C#funny you ask me funny you try to understand whats going on
Fm D# D C# N.C. movers and shakers a liberal nutcase as the oyster is your world
Cm G Cm x 2
Fm D# G#and even looked better a sobic get has a hard time keeping up with it
-trompet solo-
Cm A# G# Gi've says a moment to keep
Cm A# G# Gsoftly breath and then sound asleep
Cm A# G# Ga distant haze where the sky begins
Cm A# G# Gwell you and me we can do anything
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