Copeland - She Changes Your Mind Acoustic tab

Not sure about the accuracy, but they sound pretty cool, I think...
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yeppers enjoy =>

(starts off as just drums)
She changes your mind
When you see the joy in her eyes
It makes you feel
It makes you feel

               E                 Dm
She draws your eyes from all the things

That have made you numb
And makes you feel
And makes you feel

If I could open up my heart
And let her out 
        D                           G
I would never have to sing her name aloud
             E                                    C
It was your "hello" that kept me hanging on every word
          A                      D
And your "goodbye" that keeps me listening 
For your voice around each corner
It keeps me listening
E                     C           D
For your voice around each corner

              E                Dm
And I'll sing songs to help me stay up all night long

'Cause I don't want to go to sleep
    E                               Dm
And I'll sing songs and hope you're listening carefully
And know exactly what I mean
You know exactly what I mean

         C                  Em
It's the song you must seek out
          C              Em
When your night has just begun
        C               Em
In the distance you can find the lips
     C                Em
From which was sung a melody

Chorus, end strongly on D
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