Copeland – Good Morning Fire Eater chords ver. 2

Verse 1:
AWake up your eyes
EAnd darling, your smile
B AThe day is done and everyone's gone now
You can taste every fire
EAnd hold every song
BThe world has moved
ABe quick enough to not miss it now
ASo wake up your eyes
E B AAnd darling, your smile
EI'm afraid you've stopped to lick your wounds
B ADear, do you know?
EI'm afraid you've stopped to lick your wounds
Verse 2 (Same chord timing as 1st verse... and as the whole song...): Wake up your eyes Darling, it's time To hope that forever they'll dry out It never takes long And everything's gone I only know her beauty won't fade out Back on your side Darling, you lie... to yourself REPEAT CHORUS Bridge:
ACause it's no good if you can't have it all.
E BI'd give it back but I never stole the first part.
AAnd it always goes when you need it most,
E BThe kindest love is still bleeding from the last shot.
TAB by @bcelente
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