Copeland – May I Have This Dance tab

G  C9 Em7(022033)  Fm7(200233)

G                  Fm7            Em7 
May I have this dance saw you sitting lonely 
I hope you would say yes may 
 G                  Fm7  
I have this dance look into my eyes 
        Em7                    Fm7
I as I offer you my hand my hand 
dance forever 
G                  Fm7                     Em7                     Fm7
stretch out my hand to dance with your inviting warmth providing hand 
            G                 Fm7
and  I stand out facing me embracing me 
          Em7                Fm7
into my companion for a dance, 
 C9                C9
dance forever dance forever
                  C9                    G
when we dance I'll whisper nothing in your ear
             C9                 G       Fm7
speak in words you'd never hear this is my love 
          C9                           G
it will not stop or start and you know that 
                  C9                   C9   Fm7
in your heart you know that in your heart you 
       G       C9     Em7       Fm7
lift your hands to me you lift you hands to me 
   G         C9          Em7        Fm7
and hold me so close and you 
 G        C9        Em7         Fm7
dance forever and you dance forever
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