Coral - More Than A Lover chords version 1

More Than A Lover - THE CORAL

Intro - Em, Bm, Em, Bm, C, D, Em

Verse 1

Em BmMore than a lover
CDon't you know you'll always be
D EmA good friend to me
BmWhen tears are discovered
CDon't you know I'll always help
D EmA good friend in need
F#m But what's done is done
G#mSo I sing to you a song we left unsung
AWhen you're falling down
And sometimes it seems
G#m F#mToo much to carry on
G#m F#mIt's too much to carry on
Verse Chorus Bridge I'm not too sure about the bridge but I think its this: E, B, A, C#m, B Instrumental Em (barre 7th fret), D (barred), A (Barred) C, D, Em Chorus
F#m C#mMore than a lover
Don't you know
DYou'll always be
E F#mA good friend to me
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