Coral - 1000 Years chords

1000 Years - The Coral

Ooh, ooh,

Waiting for a thousand years,

Ooh, ooh,

Sailing on a thousand tears.

*For the verse and chorus chords you can barre them or just play the chords in root position*


Em AOoh, ooh,
A7 A7 (without C#) Asus4 Waiting for a thousand years,
Em AOoh, ooh,
A7 A7 (without C#) Asus4Sailing on a thousand tears.
Em ASeasons in your mind,
G AColors they change with the passing of time.
Em A You'll find your way,
Em A GYou'll find your way.
Chorus (same as first chorus) Verse (same as first verse
Cmaj7 Dmaj7 (play with D and F# on A and D strings. All other strings are left open. But don't play low E string!)
Em through whole of guitar solo Chorus Verse Last Chorus without guitars And thats it! I'm not sure about some of the chords so it would be good for some corrections. I've also put down the chords for 'More than a lover' and 'Two Faces' on UG so you can check them out if you haven't all ready!!
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