Coral - Sandhills chords

The Coral - Sandhills

This song needs to be played with a capo on the 2nd fret also on the chorus and the line 
verse 1 "searching to find an open door" you need to play the G and C like this
(all chords in relation to capo):

e--0-----|B--0-----|G--4-----| and for the C chords it's the same just on the 8 fret.D--5-----|A--5-----|E--3-----|
Intro Chords G C Bm Am Bm Verse 1
G CWhen I think that there's nothin' left to say,
BmThen you say it again,
Amhurts like never before,
G (chorus G!!)Searching to find a open door
Verse 2
G CTell you this we'll never meet again
Bmwhen I'm feelin' this way
Amwith these words you will find
Chorus- all G and Cs are chorus chords
GLike a burn in the unforgiving sky
CDon't leave me behind x3
Bm Bm into Verse 3
G CWe could dive to meet the golden waves
BmYeah we could be safe
AmThrough the sandhills we ride
Chorus 'Like the leaves on the vine forgotten time.....' Don't leave me behind x3 Bridge - Play the chords in this part like the chorus
A CAnd as the distant whispers call my name
GIn the blackest heartlands of my shame
C DI hear you left my knowledge all again
G CLook around there's no-one left to blame
D ELoosing my way
Key change Instrumental chords A Bm and C#m Verse 4
A BmI could hide familiar in my pain
C#msurf my sorrows in vein
BmI could step right outside
AShow you that I'm a liar
Dand you leave me behind
AI leave you behind
DI leave you behind
AI leave you behind
DI'll leave you behind
Fade out until end with A and D chords And thats it!! And one more thing some of the lyrics may not be right as I just listened the song and wrote them down!! Thanks :)
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