Corb Lund Band - The Truth Comes Out tab

This is how I hear the song.

The (Am)truth comes out as the fire burns low

It (G)comes to light as only embers glow

The (F)whisky talks, the west wind moans in the (Am)night  (E)

The (Am)deadfall is gathered and the branches are cut

The (G)kindling crackles as the smoke curls up

The (F)small sticks catch than the bigger stuff will (Am)burn (E)

(Am)Chinook dies down as the dark decends 

The (G)pine has burned and the ashes cleansed

The (F)message smoulders, its lost but finally (Am)sent  (E)

(Am)Connie said she's never seen the cougars so bold

They're (G)coming in the yard and their stealing young colts

And they (F)drag 'em in the bush with their claws sunk in their (Am)nose (E)

The (Am)weather's been funny 30 years or so

The (G)winters got warm, with not as much snow

Hear the (F)big cats coming cause there's no where left to (Am)go  (E)

You gotta (Am)look out for bear when your fishin on Lee's Creek

They'll (G)come round the bend and they'll make you're knees weak

There's (F)grizzly's where there were no grizzly bears (Am)before. (E)

(Am)Half heard voices of the ghosts from the graves

The (G)grandfathers tell us at the mouths of the caves

Only (F)old chiefs older than Jesus can save us (Am)now, (E)If we're lucky

The (Am)white man light a big fire stay cold, 

The (G)red man's warmer but the old man's old

Now the (F)antelope seeks the buffalo in the (Am)night, 

Yeah the (F)antelope mourns the buffalo in the (C)night (E)

Chorus (You gotta look out for bear) Same chords as through the song (Am, G, F, Am, E)

The (Am)truth comes out as the fire burns low,

It (G)comes to light as only embers glow

The (F)antelope mourns the buffalo in the (Am)night.
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