Corb Lund Band - I Wanna Be In The Cavalry chords

G C EmI wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war
C G DI wanna good steed under me like my forefathers before
G C EmI wanna good mount when the bugle sounds and I hear the cannons' roar
C G D GI wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war
well,I wanna horse in the volunteer force that's riding forth at dawn Please save for me some gallantry that will echo when I'm gone I beg of you sarge let me lead the charge when the battle lines are drawn Lemme at least leave a good hoof beat they'll remember loud and long I'd not a good foot soldier make, I'd be sour and slow at march And I'd be sick on a navy ship, and the sea would leave me parched But I'll be first in line if they'll let me ride, by god, you'll see my starch Lope back o'er the heath with the laurel wreath underneath that victíry arch Chorus Let me earn my spurs in the battle's blur where the day is lost or won I'll wield my lance as the ponies dance and the blackguards fire their guns A sabre keen, and a saddle carbine and an army Remington Where the hot lead screams with the cold, cold steel let me be a cavílryman Chorus Let 'em play their flutes and stirrup my boots and place them back to front Cause I wonít be back on the rider-less black and I'm finished in my hunt I wanna be in the cavalry if they send me off to war I wanna be in the cavalry, but I won't ride home no more
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