Corey Crowder – Just For Us chords

Just For Us
from Lost & Found by Corey Crowder 

  (He uses a capo, looks like on 4th fret so he must tune down a half step)

Capo 3 (key of Eb, standard tuning)

Intro x4 C... (G) e|--0--------0---------------| B|--1--------1--------1------| G|--0--------0--------0------| D|--0h2------2p0------0------| A|--3--------0--------2------| E|--x--------x--------3------| 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
(continues something like that throughout the song, the F with 3rd string hammered...)
CBaby's got herself a new black dress
Put her pretty face on and then all the rest
F She was beautiful
CWell, I walked in and I looked like a mess
(I) saw frown on her face and hives on her chest
FIt was beautiful
C GBaby's got a new dress, baby's got a new car
Am F With the summer sun steady running out luck
C G(But) out in the ocean in slow motion
F G CThere's a message in a bottle just for us
C3 years later we were talking real tall
Bought a bunch of new clothes, a couple new cars
FTo get us by
CWith piles of bills and our heads on the wall
Summer left so fast and then came fall,
FWe made it by
CHere in the city life seems so small
We make believe that we matter at all
Fin this life
CShe loves with her smile. She loves with her soul
Such a pretty little thing just helping me hold
Fon tight
REPEAT CHORUS credits from Lost & Found, track released 04 December 2009 Tabbed by --Art
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