Corey Crowder - Learning To Let Go tab

Am I wasting my breath? Because its still in my mind

                   Em7                Cadd9
that its always the wrong place at the wrong time

                 G                    D/F #
So lets face the facts, we all make mistakes

                Em7                        Cadd9
But we've got to live life, before it passes right by

             Em7                   D/F#
So before you pack your things and go

      Em7                    Cadd9
Theres one last thing that I want you to know

   G               D/F#                Em7
You cant find happiness if you wont let go

We can agree on one thing

You cant fight fate with fate

        Em7                         Cadd9
We had a good love, but its seen its last day

                G                            D/F#
When opportunity knocked you had to answer the call

                        Em7                Cadd9
Now those clouds on that sunny day have all blown away

(Repeat the Chorus)

       Em7                    D/F#
Open your eyes
                          Cadd9        D/F#
Youre bound to get hurt sometime
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