Corey Hart - Chippin Away chords

Corey Hart
Chippin' Away
Chords by Dan Clegg, Chilliwack, BC, Nov, 2011

Capo 2
F 	11230x
Gm 	333553
Bb 	x3331x
C/G	01023x
Dm	13200x

Intro (spoken):

Are you ready?

Thumbs are up.

One, two, three, four.

Verse 1

FHey mister take a-load-off let-me-explain,
FI'm not hidin' from-'y-carry-the-blame,
FHave-yourself a good-look from the Sa-ska-toon plain
FNothing's that clear in life I swear by the-claim.
BbI rack my conscience for the will to achieve;
Bb [guitar pause] [F; see below] I could lie, die, cry and to this day not receive.
Chorus 1 -------- F C F C F
C F CCause I'm not steady like Eddy. ...I may not smile for a while.
F C F CGot-a-little-of-the-devil and a mean streak.
F C F'cz-I-hope to one, day, be, com-plete.
C [guitar pause] F [stop] In-the-meantime, yes..... We're just chippin'-away. Verse 2 ------- [gets fuller now] F Eh, got-'ole Michael-Hehir playin'-on-guitar.
FSometimes we go-for-months, not talk at-all.
FNo crumblin' wall here, the journey's come-too-far.
F'O rocket spaceship, take us to-the-stars!
CThey're building castles straight up to the sky,
C [guitar pause] But the Empire States still looks to me like it's high... Chorus 1 (again) ---------------- [Sing once with inserted bridge below. Sing again with first two lines quiet Sing again with ohno's and yea's all over] F C F C F C
F CI'm not steady like Eddy. I may not smile for a while.
F C F CGot-a-little-of-the-devil and a mean streak.
F C F'cz-I hope-to one, day, be, com-plete, yea
[After first iteration only:
C [guitar pause] F'n-in the meantime, yes... we're just chippin'-away.
O yea ] Chorus 2 -------- F C F C F
C F C(God) I'm not steady like Eddy, 'o oh. I may not smile for a-while.
F CGod, bless, the poor man, who knoooows what-he-seeks.
F'cz-I hope to one day be complete.
C [guitar pause] FIn the meantime, yea, ... ... ... we're just ... chippin'-away.
F F FWoo-o-o-oo, Woo-o-o-oo, Woo-o-o-oo.
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