Sunshower tab ver. 2 with lyrics by Cornell Chris for guitar @ Guitaretab

Cornell Chris – Sunshower tab ver. 2

fret->        		open   	1	2	3	4	5

 1 e (high)		E	F	F#	G	G#	A
 2 B			B	C	C#	D	Eb	E
 3 G			G	G#	A	Bb	B	C
 4 D			D	Eb	E	F	F#	G
 5 A			A	Bb	B	C	C#	D
 6 E (low)		E	F	F#	G	G#	A

for sunshower, check out the guide below: (x = dead: actually, the 
chords aren't strummed per se... pick the bass notes first, then 
the treble notes afterwards)
              G/F	G/E	G/Bb	G/C     G/B	Cdim

1e		3	3	3	3	3	2
2B		3	3	3	3	3	1
3G		0	0	0	0	0	2
4D		0	0	0	0	0	1
5A		x	x	1	3	2	x
6E		1	0	x	x	x	x

see the pattern (as compared to the chart above?)

Oh yeah, do this before switching to G/B:

G|---0 H 2 --| (D chord position, plucking strings 1&2 afterwards)

Play with the chords in this song: the D's are 
actually Dsus/D progressions (like what you hear in old songs such as
 "Patience"/"Guitar Man"... u know..."ang pinaka gas-gas na rhy. fill.") 
The A's are quick progressions of A's and Asus's; play with your E's by 
placing 4 (your pinkie) on D (2nd string, 3rd fret). Well, 
enough of the blabbering... 

	D (actually Dsus-D) - G/B - G/F - G/E - G/Bb -  A - Asus

D	        G/C	        D                           G/B    G/Bb
Dark as roses   Fine as sand   feel your healing   and your sting again  

D                        G/B       G/F       G/E      G/Bb       A-Asus
hear you laughing and my soul is saved  on forgotten graves you cry

(do chords indicated above, gtr 2. with wah)

cry like ivy
up my spine
through my nerves 
and into my eyes
cuts like anguish
or recollections
of better days gone by

             Bm                 D                     F#m             
but it's alright  when you're caught in pain  and you feel the rain come 

Bm - A


           E              D                     F#m                   Bm - A
it's alright   when you find your way  then you see it disappear  

          E                 D                   Cdim             G

it's alright  though your garden's gray  i know all your graces  someday will 

	  G/Bb - G/A			D -- *

flower			in a sweet sunshine

eyes like oceans
so far away
a feather trail
to a better way
worried mornings turn
into days
then into worried nights
but it's alright
all you'll be you are today

Guitar solo:

(do the ff. chords...)

D - C - B - Bb - B - G# - G - (F#) - F (6E open)

repeat ?times, then B - G#...

guitar 2, steady glis. 

B2|- 1 s 3(33) s 5(55) s 6(66) s 7(77) 7b - 8b - 7b (continue downward...

you can figure it out)

s = slide; b = full bend; H = hammer-on; P = pull-off

other stuff:

* after 1st chorus:

guitar 1: - using D chord position, pluck the following strings

rhy fill1          3G| - 2 0
	 	   4D| 0 - -  (strum the entire chord; just emphasize 
			       on the previous transcription)

guitar 2: - while doing rhy fill1

riff 1		2B| 15 15 - 14   - 12 12
		3G| -------------------- 14 ~~~

                * or probably do 14 on the G string than the 1st note above

guitar 1: - do before proceeding to 3rd verse

fill1 		2B| 2 H 3 0 3 P 2 
		3G| ------------- 2 ~~~

guitar 3 (clean?) - A - Asus after fill1
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