Corpus Christi - Fight For Your King tab version 1

please rate. this is my first tab ever.These guys are amazing,
see them if you get the chance!!! i was trying to post a guitar pro file,
but im bad with the timing. someone try getting this started in gp and i
will update it. comments welcome. Thanks!

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TITLE: Fight For Your King
BAND: Corpus Christi
ALBUM: The Darker Shades Of White

pm = palm mute

C# |---------|G# |---------|E |---------| first notes played once.B |77-------|F# |55-------|B |---------|
( pm ) ( pm ) ( pm ) ( pm )|-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------||------77-55-88-------88-77-55-------55-33-66-------66-55-77------|(3 times)|55555-55-55-55-55555-55-55-33-33333-33-33-33-33333-33-33-55------||-----------------------------------------------------------------|
|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| (Bridge)|---------------------------------||6-5-----------6-5----------------||----6-5-3-5-3-----6-5-3-5-3-0----|
|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------| (play 3 times)|-------3----5---3----------------||000000---00---0---00-6-5-3-------|( pm )(pm) (pm)(pm)
...then after this is pretty much different variations of the above and a solo which is pretty good still working on it. if you want to see someone playing go to youtube and look fight for you king guitar covers. there is one guy who pretty much has the whole song down. i will post part of the solo i have on here later.
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