Corrs – Dreams tab

by The Corrs

Chords(used only during chorus)

For the following lyrics and the intro play:

Verse 1 Now here you go again you say you want your freedom well who am I to keep you down It's only right that you should play the way you feel it but listen carefully to the sound of your lonlieness Now play:
Pre chorus 1: Like a heart beat drives you mad in the stillness of the memory of what you had and what you lost yeah, what you had, yeah and what you lost Chorus: Am[hold] Fmaj7[hold] C[hold] D[hold] Thunder only happens when its raining Am[hold] Fmaj7[hold] C[hold] D[hold] And players only love you when their playing Am[hold] Fmaj7[hold] C[hold] D[hold] yeah women, they will come and they will go C[hold] Fmaj7[hold] C[hold] D[hold] when the rain washes you clean you'll know [no chord] you'll know Re-intro by violin[play tab1] Verse 2[play tab1] Now here I go again I see the crystal vision but I keep my visions to myself well its only me that wants to wrap around your dreams and have you any dreams you'd like to sell dreams of lonliness Pre Chorus2[play tab2] Like a heartbeat drives you mad in the stillness of the memory of what you had and what you lost yeah, what you had, yeah, and what you lost Chorus2 As Chorus 1 Repeat to finish.
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