Corrs - No More Cry tab

Title: No More Cry
Artist: The Corrs
Tabbed by: E.J. Gemzon====>

*note* capo on 3rd fret
      Tab is relative to capo

Intro and Chorus: D G Ce-2------3--2-----0-----0-------------|b---3---------3-----3-----3---3-------|g-----2---------------2-----3---------|d-------------------------------------|a-------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
*play that several times and then play this D G C9e--2-------3--2-----3--2----3---------|b----3-----------3--------3-----------|g------2------------------------------|d-------------------------------------|a-------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------|
D xx0232 G 320033 C x32010 C9 x32033 I have no plan to figure out the verses but obviously, they are power chords.
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