Corrs - Erin Shore tab

The Corrs, Erin Shore.
 Tabbed by KeltiK,
\"ERIN SHORE\" (traditional)

This is my own performance of the song, if you find any mistakes, please send them to me.

This my first song tab so you could see if i need more or less help on the next songs that i want tab. lol

Standard Tunning

tab explanation:
p = pull-off
h = hammer-on
s = slide
~ = light vibrato

PART A|------5--7--8--5~------5---7p5-----------------------------------||--------------------------------7--8--7--------------------------||---7---------------7---------------------7---5--4h5--7--9--7~----||-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------------------|
PART B|---10--7--5-------5--7--8s10-10--8p7--5----||---10--8---7s5---5-------------------||--------------8----------------------------||---------------------8---------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------7---9---5---||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------||-------------------------------------------||-------------------------------------|
I'm not really sure of that but i think the parts of the song goes: A B(x2) A B(x2) A B Bye and best regards to all TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC... Special mention to: Guau_Guau, Blade_Jlm, Mistycal, VOKEPASA, Breoghan and Compound (C-Varela) :: Ultimate Guitar Archive ::
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