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@SONG: Lovable
Elvis Costello
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A                    A   D   A
It's going round the town
A                    A   D   A
It's going round the town
A                    E
It's going round the town
E         A        D   A
You're so lovable

D               A
My baby gave me notice to quit
E                A
I just can't get used to it
D                   A
She broke my little heart in two
E                                       B
Now somebody else is being the same old you


D            A
My baby has Egyptian eyes
E                           A
And a wicked look beyond compare
D                               A
If you thought I was a fool for you
E                                B
Then I must be a bigger fool for her


He'd turn the flowers of springtime into a wreath
He says he'd love you eternally
I say please please can't you keep it brief

A                         D
They say they're going to bury you
        E         A
Because you're so lovable
A                    D
Put your money where your mouth was
E         A
You're so lovable
A                            D
Each tender mumble brings us closer to bedlam
E         A
You're so lovable
A                             D
The toast of the town and the talk of the bedroom


You're so lovable

You're so sweet
You're so honest
You say `I'll be true to you boy'
But I won't promise
Then you say you love me
Then you show me
As you lie there so lifelike below me

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