Cotton Mather – Hotel Baltimore tab



D                 	C		G	D
She's on the payroll of the Vatican Bank, 
But she works in an American book store and her husband is the Byzantine type, 
D		C			D
I asked her what she had to do at St Mike's
D		C				D			C	D
She said "I came here trying to remember something but I'm only in it now for the wine"
Em				F			C		G		A
Her daddy doesn't run the store and what's more he gets no confession from me
	Am  E    F 	     Am  E    F
I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto

She expects no optical illusions from me, not that she doesn't give me plenty to witness 
It's just I don't know how to part the red sea
I don't want to be in his morality play, he thinks that marriage is a good institution
So let him find a girl to keep it that way
It might make it better that he's bad to her  but I don't know what's happened to my boundaries

I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto

And I don't think this is an issue with god
When it comes to the law I wouldn't think I'm a purist
You cant break something that doesn't work anymore
And now I'm seeing my life like a tourist

We took a taxi to a their summer retreat, we changed the locks and the points of access
We didn't go to the front door for a week
I found a volume by the side of their bed, I said "I've read it I'm awaiting the sequel"
She gave me "Under The Volcano" instead
And said "Now what was that you lost?" and I said "not too much just my fortune cookie"


F					       C
Bring yourself to sleep and maybe I can help you find
Something so naive it makes you cry
Everything we thought was deep turned out to be a lie 
Don't blame me coz I've been on your side

G      			      F 
Can you hear me can you read me
Baby freeze Queen

Can you hear me can you read me
Baby freeze Queen
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