Cotton Mather – Cotton Is King tab



D                 	C		G	D
She's on the payroll of the Vatican Bank, 
But she works in an American book store and her husband is the Byzantine type, 
D		C			D
I asked her what she had to do at St Mike's
D		C				D			C			D
She said "I came here trying to remember something but I'm only in it now for the wine"
Em				F			C		G		A
Her daddy doesn't run the store and what's more he gets no confession from me
	Am  E    F 	     Am  E    F
I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto

She expects no optical illusions from me, not that she doesn't give me plenty to witness 

It's just I don't know how to part the red sea

I don't want to be in his morality play, he thinks that marriage is a good institution

So let him find a girl to keep it that way

It might make it better that he's bad to her  but I don't know what's happened to my boundaries

I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto

And I don't think this is an issue with god

When it comes to the law I wouldn't think I'm a purist

You cant break something that doesn't work anymore

And now I'm seeing my life like a tourist

We took a taxi to a their summer retreat, we changed the locks and the points of access

We didn't go to the front door for a week

I found a volume by the side of their bed, I said "I've read it I'm awaiting the sequel"

She gave me "Under The Volcano" instead

And said "Now what was that you lost?" and I said "not too much just my fortune cookie"

I Lost My Motto, I Lost My Motto


You'd think that everything would fall apart, if you only listened to your heart

I beg take a chance

It's a pain explaining everything to you, in the hopes that we can make it through

The filter of your experience and are you proud of that invention?

Are you running from the good life Mr Should? 

Are you struggling just to get by Mr Should?

And if you'd rather only survive Mr Should

Better luck next life Mr Should

You could make a beautiful thing be true, if you let her get close to you

Be once the boy and twice the man

How could you think she wasn't quite what you deserved?

It's like your sentenced and determined to serve

But that girl could be your escape plan and do you love incarceration?


And everybody has the right to decide how to make a miserable affair of their lives

As if waking up wasn't enough of a fight

You had to go and chose the wrong girl

But pretty soon you started letting us down

By overlooking all the love you'd found

I don't think I'll be sticking around this is not an infinite world

Mr Should, It'd be nice to see you when you have time

But don't hold your breath I'm not holding mine

Maybe you'll get lucky and I'll blow you a kiss

You should think a little more about how things exist

I think there's something you must have missed

Its nothing that you're gonna find on one of your lists


Mr Should Mr Should Mr Should


Call me and tell me you've just understood
G								E7					
The town you've been living in till now is pretty but not good
I've sold some secrets but I've kept a few
G								E7
And I've rolled up the best into a big new valentine for you
C					Am					E7
I don't know how you're gonna get there but I'm here to help you start
G		A
Look into your heart and cross the rubicon

Look into your heart and cross the rubicon
				Em				EmM7
Your ancient rivers out there and I think its time for you to cross

And I think its time for you to cross

Cause I cant stand you anymore
In fact, I'm a little beyond bored
B				Em
I don't want to change everything about you
B				Em
What I'm asking for is slight
The way some things look a whole lot different
When you tip them towards the light

I don't care what your wise friends say, decisions are dark and sometimes

You've got to take them shaking

You cant go back, this road is one way, its time to rethink the way you think

And maybe not by thinking

I cant put my finger on it but I know where we can start
G		A
Look into your heart and cross the rubicon

Look into your heart and cross the rubicon 


Anna likes her Saturdays left alone does her wash unplugs the phone

And Daniel's a descendant of a distant king would that that mean anything 

He's not a man of means

Newspaper that they open wide, shows them the world tipped on its side

Payday, and your moneys all that matters now

You're complaining that you don't know how

You put up with this job

And you're bound to leave soon

Payday, you're a little bit less than yourself 

When you're a payday for somebody else

Anna and Daniel got married, of course, turned to drink and got divorced

And meanwhile the news from the world got worse

All their daydreams in reverse at least they still had work

And back at work they still love you, so why does this still feel like your interview


Its hard to imagine if someone could freeze you here today

You'd be remembered this way

They don't have a future but they do have a wage

Cause a jobs not one of those things that gets better with age



Bad manners, bad grammar if I could find the door I would run

I'm just listening to Miss Information

She's so pretty she wants a date with me and now I cant get her to shut up

I'm just listening to Miss Information

Miss Information doesn't know my real name

Miss Information have you no shame?

She's a mystic, a writer and critic, ooh she must have read a book once

I'm just listening to Miss Information

Miss Information doesn't know my real name

Miss Information have you no shame?

I've got something to say but she says out of my way there cant be room here for both of us

I'm just listening to Miss Information


She saw that boy fall down on one knee

Eyeing his lady like a figurine

He came from some lost century

She runs from the house

And he starts to cry

Saddles a pogo and begins to ride

He says "I might have bigger fish to fry"

It goes without saying

Who'll be hungry tonight

There's a brand new whole in his favourite armchair

In love with a girl he'll never know like a man dropped down

From a different dimension Ivanhoe

Back at his house speaking French with the cart
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