Counting Crows – Speedway tab

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Artist: Counting Crows
Song: Speedway

From the album - This Desesrt Life

Standard tuning.

Chords: D  xx0232
	Em 022000
	G  320003
	Am X02210
	A  X02220

D		     Em
I get so nervous I'm shaking

G                           D
Gets so I've not no pride at all

D                           Em
Gets so bad but I just keep coming back for more

G                   D
I guess I just..... on that stuff

Am             G           D
Thinkin' 'bout taking some time

Am             G       D
Thinkin' 'bout leaving soon

(NOTE: The words and number of lines change a bit in the
 chorus depending on how far into the song you are but the
 chords are the same three, so its easy to jam along / work out).

Verse 2


Middle 8
Em               G
In all this time, the bottom lines 
   D                      A
You don't know how much I feel 
Em              D
You say yo see, I don't agree
G                Em
You don't.....   know how I feel

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