Counting Crows – Come Around tab

			     Come Around - Counting Crows
Tabbed by: Adam S.

Tuning: standard.

Intro (Acoustic Strum):

2nd time, replace last E with a G strum.
(Electric Guitar Kicks in)e|----2-22h3-2--0-2-2222h3-2-0-----------------------------------------------|B|----3-33-3-3--3-3-3333-3-3-3-----------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|(x2)
Verse: D, G, D, G, D, G...etc. Pre-Chorus: A G (I'm one of a million...) Chorus : D, G, D, G, D, G...etc. Bridge: G G/F Em After I've been missin ...... D What I know is: she's going G When you know it, it's alright D G So you put yourself between you and your pride D If you wait for what's coming G And you listen to her lies, D A Then she'll say the things you need to hear G A And the only one who'll disappear is you G And one of the million lies she said A Is "All of the things you love are dead." But I've seen what she thinks is love G D And it leaves me laughing so we'll still come around D, G, D, G, D, G, D End with a strum of D. ===============================================================================
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