Counting Crows – Four Days tab

This is a correction from the other. That sounds fine when you're playing
acoustic guitar with a full band. If you want the full sound from one person the
chords should look like this:


       D    F#/D   G     Em

[[--2---2---3---0---/[[--3---3---3---3---/ Notes: The F#/D chord is best played by releasing the index finger[[--2---x---0---0---/ from the D chord to finger the F# bass note, then release the[[--0---0---0---2---/ middle finger to walk to the G chord.[[--x---0---x---2---/ Also, the progression ends with a hammer on from the F#[[--x---2---3---0---/ bass note to the G bass note, played on the E string. Listen for this riff in the recorded track, you'll understand.
Lyrics/Chords: [D]All I want[F#/D] is [G]something [Em] good (Hammer on riff) It gets harder every time. [D]She is [F#/D]leaving [G]here to[Em]night (Hammer on riff) Take a breath [Em]Take your time[G] Spread your wings and rise [D] Chorus: [Csus2] They descend and then they [G] climb[Em] Feathers falling through the night Have you seen Ohio rise? It has been four days and four [D] nights Return to original chord/riff pattern for the final verse. Then the chorus patter to end the song, with some room for improvisation towards the end. End on Em
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