Counting Crows – If I Could Give All My Love To You tab

If I Could Give All My Love
Richard Manuel is Dead
Counting Crows

Standard Tuning

Note: () denotes a single note (i.e. not a whole chord)

Intro riff:E-|--------12----------------------------------------------------|B-|-12/14-----14-12------10/12--14-12---------------10-10/12-10--|G-|-----------------14----------------14-12---9/11---------------|D-|--------------------------------------------------------------|A-|--------------------------------------------------------------|E-|--------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Bm D Got a message in my head A that the papers had all come Bm Richard Manuel is dead D and the daylight's comin' on A I've been wandering through the dark Bm (B) (C#) D now I'm standing on the lawn Chorus: A Bm D If I could give all my love to you A I could justify myself G D but I'm just not coming through A You're a pill to ease the pain G D of all the stupid things I do (C#) Bm I'm an anchor on the line G of a clock that tells the time A G D (play first 1/2 of intro riff over A G D) that is running out on you Verse 2: Bm D It was cold when I awoke A and the day was halfway done Bm Nearly spring in San Francisco D and I cannot feel the sun A You were sleeping next to me Bm (B) (C#) D but I knew that you'd be gone Repeat Chorus
Lead-in to solo:E-|------------------------------|B-|------------------------------|G-|------------------------------|D-|------------------------------|A-|------------------------------|E-|----4~--5------4~--5-4-5-6~---|7
Solo chords: (key of A, I think) Bm D A E Bm D A G D Verse 3: Bm D Take some time before you go A To think of Mondays coming down E and the people that you knew Bm and the ones that aren't around D You've been fading day to day Bm D I've been moving town to town Repeat Chorus twice (skip the intro riff between these repeats) End with a variation on Riff 1 (it's a really easy variation) Tabbed by Neil ( on Thursday 11 July 2002.
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