Counting Crows - Einstein On The Beach tab

Counting Crows - Einstein on the Beach

This song sounds like it was played either in standard tuning and slowed
down a bit, or detuned and sped up.  To play along, tune all strings 
approximately 1/4 step down from standard.

There are two riffs in this song I thought were worth tabbing out,
besides a few rhythm figures.

Riff 1:

|--5p4p0-5~p4p0-5~p4p0-5~p4p0-(4)-5p4p0-5~p4p0-5~p4p0-5~p4p0--| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| _________________________________________________________________
Riff 2: _________________________________________________________________
|-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-----1---2---2-1~--1-------------1---2---2-1~--1-------------| |--2----2---2---------2-4-6-4-2~----2---2---------2-4-6-4-2~--| |-------------------------------------------------------------| |-------------------------------------------------------------| _________________________________________________________________
Rhythm Figure 1: (p = palm-mute slightly) ______________________________________________________________ E A E B E A E B
|--0--0-----0----0--0-----2----0--0-----0----0--0-----2----| |--0--0-----2-x--0--0-----2-x--0--0-----2-x--0--0-----2-x--| |--1--1---2-2-x--1--1---4-4-x--1--1---2-2-x--1--1---4-4-x--| |--2--2---2---x--2--2---4---x--2--2---2---x--2--2---4---x--| |--2------0---x--2------2---x--2------0---x--2------2---x--| |--0-------------0-------------0-------------0-------------| p p p p ______________________________________________________________
Rhythm Figure 2: ____________________________________________ C#m B A E F#m A
|--4---2---0---0--| |--2------5--| |--5---2---2---0--| |--2------5--| |--6---4---2---1--| x 3 |--2------6--| |--6---4---2---2--| |--4------7--| |--4---2---0---2--| |--4------7--| |--------------0--| |--2------5--| ____________________________________________
Rhythm Figure 3: ___________________________________ G#m A B B
|--4----5--| |--2----2--| |--4----5--| |--2----2--| |--4----6--| x 3 |--4----4--| |--6----7--| |--4----4--| |--6----7--| |--2----2--| |--4----5--| |----------| ___________________________________
The song starts with Riff 1 fading in, with an acoustic guitar strumming an E chord fading in behind it. Then we have the rhythm figure, which might be played by bass only (I'm not sure), but regardless, Rhythm Figure 1 is what's going on under Riff 2, which is the first thing when the song proper starts. For the verses, play Rhythm Figure 1 four times. The prechorus consists of two lines over which an A chord is played. Between the two lines, there is a repetition of the rhythm figure, with half of Riff 2 played over it. For the chorus, play Rhythm Figure 2. Over the last line, the F#m -> A progression, play Riff 1 a couple of times. From there it goes back into Rhythm Figure 1 with Riff 2. (Repeat verse, prechorus, and chorus) For the bridge, play Rhythm Figure 3. Under the organ solo, play Rhythm Figure 1 four times. (Repeat prechorus and chorus) Then repeat the first half of the bridge (G#m -> A -> G#m -> A) Then repeat the chorus twice, except after the first one, omit the A chord, so it goes like this: C#m -> B -> A -> E (three times) -> F#m C#m -> B -> A -> E (three times) -> F#m -> A -> E At this point, the song starts to fade out with the guitar playing an E chord and the other instruments playing little fills. That's it! Questions, comments, corrections, etc. email me: andy719 at hotmail dot com
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