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Date: Tue, 19 Nov 1996 19:58:18 -0800
From: "Michael A. Mazur" 
Subject: TAB: Counting Crows, "Millers Angels"

Tab: "Miller's Angels" Counting Crows
Transcribed by Michael A. Mazur (

Guitar 1 is an acoustic, tuned down 1/2 step (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb)
Guitar 2 is an electric, tuned down 1/2 step 
Guitar 3 is an octave mandolin, tuned down 1/2 (Gb Db Ab Eb)
Guitar 4 is a pedal steel

Note: All chords given are SOUNDING chords, not fretted chords

Note: Fills are numbered according to which guitar plays them;
I.E. Fill 2C is the third fill played by guitar 2

Note: Except for the bridge, both guitars 1 & 2 are playing very
intermittently, so their parts have all been labeled as fills.
Occasionally, during the choruses, guitar 1 strums the chords (1/2
step higher), but otherwise, everything is as notated. The mandolin
is only played during the bridge, and is tabbed for a mandolin, not
arranged for guitar. Lastly, there is a pedal steel, guitar 4, 
which plays mostly chords and chord tones throughout the song. I 
have not tabbed it's part out.

Verse: (Band tacet, chords played by piano, bass)

Gm       Bb        F
Miller's angels in black and white
Welcome everyone in
Children dreaming of wrong and right
Wrapped in grace and in sin

Chorus: (Pedal steel enters)

Cm        Bb         Ebsus2
They come out of the blue sky
                          * (w/ Fill 2A)
They come out of the blue
                         * (w/ Fill 1A)
They come out of the blue sky
              Gm * (w/ Fill 2B)        C
But you never know where they're gonna go
Eb  F   Gm * (w/ Fill 2C)
Hey Romeo

Fills: 2A 1A 2B 2C|--7--------|-|--0-----|-|--------------|-|-------6-----6\4--||-----7-----|-|---0----|-|--------------|-|------------------||--------9--|-|----1---|-|--------------|-|--4/6-----6-------||-----------|-|-----2--|-|-----6--4--6--|-|------------------||-----------|-|--------|-|--6-----------|-|------------------||-----------|-|--------|-|--------------|-|------------------|
*(w/ Fill 1B) Miller's fingers are traveling down the length of her thigh But Miller's mind is still wandering Staring up at the sky
Fill 1B|--------2--||-----------||-----3-----||--4--------||-----------||-----------|
* (w/ Fill 1A) They come out of the blue sky * (w/ Fill 2D) They come out of the blue * (w/ Fill 1A) They come out of the blue sky * (w/ Fill 2E) But you never know where they're gonna go Hey Romeo * (w/ Fill 2F) No you never know where they're gonna go * (w/ Fill 2G) Hey Romeo
Fill 2D|--7-----7-----||--7------7----||--9-------9---||--9--------9--||--------------||--------------|
Fill 2E "Hey Ro-me- o"|--------11p9-----|-------11p9-----9-----|--------------------||-----9--------9--|--{9}--------9-----9--|--9-----9--9-----9--||--8--------------|----------------------|--8-----8--8-----8--||-----------------|----------------------|--------------------||-----------------|----------------------|--------------------||-----------------|----------------------|--------------------| ^ This note played second time only
Fill 2F ------------------|--|----------|--------------|------------------|--|----------|-----------9--|------------------|--|-------4--|--1--------8--|-----6-------6p4--|--|-------4--|--2-----------|4/6-----4/6-------|--|--4/6-----|--2-----------|------------------|--|----------|--0-----------|
Fill 2G |----------------------||----------------------||----------------------||-------4----6---------||--4/6----------4b(6)--||----------------------|
Bridge: chords- Dm C Am G Don't come around here
Dm C Am G|--6----------------------|--------------------------||--7----------------6-----|-------1h2-------------1--||--8----------------6-----|-----------------------1--| Guitar 2|--8----------------6-----|--------------------------||-------------------------|--------------------------||-------------------------|--------------------------|
| | ||----------------------6--|-----------------4--4--4--||--------6----------6--6--|-------1h3-------6--6--6--| Guitar 3|-----8-----8--6h8--------|--1h3-------3/6--6--6--6--||--8----------------------|--------------------------|
Dm C Am G|-------6------------------|------------------------------||-------7------------6-----|--8/10\8-----10\8---------10--||-------8------------6-----|--7/9-\7-----9-\7---------9---||-------8------------6-----|------------------------------||--------------------------|------------------------------||--------------------------|------------------------------|
| | ||-----------------------4--|----------1-------------------||----------4h6-------4--4--|-------3--1h3--1--0-----------||-------8-------6/8--------|--1h3----------------5--3--1--||--6/8---------------------|------------------------------|
Dm C Am F|----------6---------------|-------------|-----------------||----------7------------6--|--1h2-----2--|-----------------||----------8------------6--|-------------|--3--------------||----------8------------6--|-------------|-----------------||--------------------------|-------------|-----------------||--------------------------|-------------|-----------------|
| | | ||-----------------------4--|-------------|--2--2--2-----2--||----------4h6-------4--4--|-------------|--4--4--4-----4--||-------8-------6/8--------|--1h3--------|--4--4--4-----4--||--6/8---------------------|-------------|-----------------|
Miller's angels are hovering in between the earth and the sun * (w/ Fill 2H) In the shadow of God's unwavering love I am a fortunate son
Fill 2H|-------------------||-------------------||-------4-----------||------------6p4h6--||--4/6--------------||-------------------|
* (w/ Fill 1A) They come out of the blue sky * (w/ Fill 2I) They come out of the blue * (w/ Fill 1A) They come out of the blue sky * (w/ Fill 2E, first 3 measures, then continue w/ 2J) But you never know where they're gonna go Hey Romeo * (w/ Fill 2K) No you never know where they're gonna go Hey hey Romeo * (w/ Fill 2L) No no no no you never know where they're gonna go Hey Romeo
Fills: 2I 2J 2K|--------------------|-|---------------------|-|-------4--|-||--------------------|-|---------------------|-|----------|-||-----9--------9-----|-|------------------4--|-|--4/6-----|-||-----9--------9-----|-|-------4-----4/6-----|-|----------|-||--7--------7-----x--|-|--4/6----------------|-|----------|-||--------------------|-|---------------------|-|----------|-|
Fill 2L "Hey Romeo"|-------------|------------||-------------|------------||----------6--|--9-----11--||----------6--|--9-----11--||--4--6/8-----|------------||-------------|------------|
Ending: Bbsus2 Eb Bbsus2 Eb Can't you hear me? 'cause I'm screaming * (w/ Fill 2M) I did not go outside yesterday Don't wake me... Please don't wake me * (w/ Fills 1C & 2N) 'Cause I was dreaming * (w/ Fill 2O) And I might just stay inside again today * (w/ Fill 1D) * (w/ Fill 2P) I don't go out much these days * (w/ Fill 1E) Yes sometimes I stay inside all day
Fills: 1C 1D 1E|--7/9--------|--|-----------|--|--------------------||-------0-----|--|--2-----2--|--|--5--4-----5--4--0--||----------1--|--|-----------|--|--------------------||-------------|--|-----------|--|--------------------||-------------|--|-----------|--|--------------------||-------------|--|-----------|--|--------------------|
Fills: 2M 2N 2O 2P|--7p6--------7/9--|-|--7/9--|-|--7----------------|-|-----------||-------9--7-------|-|-------|-|--7h9p7--7------7--|-|--7--------||------------------|-|-------|-|---------8h9p8-----|-|-----9-----||------------------|-|-------|-|-------------------|-|--------9--||------------------|-|-------|-|-------------------|-|-----------||------------------|-|-------|-|-------------------|-|-----------|
Bb Ebsus2 Leave me leave me leave me leave me alone * (w/ Fill 2Q) Won't you leave me leave me leave me leave me alone Won't you leave me leave me leave me leave me alone * (w/ Fill 2P) Won't you leave me leave me leave me leave me alone Won't you leave me alone?
Fill 2Q|--19------------19-------||------17~~\--------------||-----------/18------18/--| Played w/ slide|-------------------------||-------------------------||-------------------------|
End on Bb
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