Counting Crows – Raining In Baltimore tab

"Raining in Baltimore" by Counting Crowes

A bit tweaked from the other chords that I've seen for this song.  Inspired by a
by JordanCaiolaMusic on YouTube: (

Remember to keep the "B string" open throughout the song to give the song that whispey
 When transitioning from the first line of the chorus to the second, there is a slight
riff, which sounds really good if you strum the "A Chord" the way it is listed
and then hammer on the "B String" to create a normal "A", pull it off, strum all the
open for a half-beat and then hammer on "E".  Everyone says this, but if you listen to
CD, you will find the inspiration for it.  It translates the chorus from piano to
guitar with dignity.

C#m : 046600
A   : 002200
B   : 024400
E   : 022100


This (C#m)circus is (A)falling (B)down on its (E)knees
The (C#m)big top is (A)crumbling (B)down
It's (C#m)raining in (A)Baltimore (B)fifty miles (E)east
Where you (C#m)should be, (A)no one's (B)around

I need a (A)phone call (RIFF) (E)
I need a (A)raincoat(E)
I need a (A)big love(E)
I need a (A)phone call(E)

These (C#m)train (A)conversations are (B)passing me (E)by
And (C#m)I don't have (A) nothing to (B)say
You (C#m)get what you (A)pay for
But I (B)just had (E) no (C#m) intention of (A) living this (B)way

I need a (A)phone call(E)
I need a (A)plane ride(E)
I need a (A)sunburn(E)
I need a (A)raincoat(E)
(B)And I get no (A)answers
(B)And I don't get no (A)change
(B)It's raining in (A)Baltimore, (E)baby
(C#m)But everything (a)else is the (B)same

There's (C#m)things I (A)remember and (B)things I (E)forget
I miss (C#m)you I (A)guess that I (B)should
Three (C#m)thousand five (A)hundred (B)miles (E)away
But what (C#m)would (A)you change if you (B)could

I need a (A)phone call(E)
Maybe I should buy a (A) new car (E)
I can always hear a (A) freight train (E)
If I listen (A) real hard (E)
And I wish it wasn't a (A) small world (E)
'Cause I'm lonely for the (A) big towns (E)
I'd like to hear a little (A) guitar (E)
I think it's time to pu the (A) top down (E)

I need a (A) phone call (E)
I need a (A)raincoat(E)
I really need a (A) raincoat (E)
I really really need a (A) raincoat (E)
I really really really need a (A) raincoat (E)
I really need a (A) raincoat (E)

--Juan B.
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